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To give you a first impression of the fascinating surroundings of "Moulin d'Ibure", we gathered some information on various places. Move your mouse to a headword, the place will be highlighted on the map, or click for details (this feature is under construction).

Countryside Seaside Mountains Other Destin.
Bardos Biarritz St-Jean-Pied d.P. Pau
Bidache Bayonne Eaux-Bonnes Lourdes
Cambo St.Jean-de-Luz Col de Somport Toulouse
Bois de Mixte San Sebastian Gorg.d.Kakuetta Bordeaux
Orthez Capbreton   Mittelmeer
Dax St-Girons-Plage   Bilbao (E)
  Mimizan-Plage   Pamplona (E)
      Jaca (E)


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